1. Could be, but pretty sure that’s Porter Wilbanks against Moon Valley at 145s. Could be wrong but again about 99% sure on the other matches. I remember cause was out this tournament tore my shoulder the day before.

  2. I’m about 99% these are the 2007 Peoria TOC Finals. I remember most of these matches pretty vividly. Had Palencia at 119, the Ortega brothers at 125 and 130, Varela at 135, the Ochoas at 160. Deberry was at 152 for this tournament I believe. I remember Sonny pulling out a miracle at 170. Diego and Luke at 189, and I remember no hwt match as I believe Tudor was hurt and I think Stapp won by injury default. I could be wrong but very sure these are 2007 Peoria Finals. First finals back in the new gym of Peoria I think. Again could be wrong but pretty sure, these look pretty familiar.

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