2018-2019 D2 Individual rankings

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  1. Coach P

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    Since it seems rather quiet around here let's try to put together some actual rankings. This will only work with everyone's input and actual results. I do not have any real knowledge of schools outside of Tucson (especially D2) so again, this will only work with help. I literally copied this from the pre-season rankings post...and yes, this is more for the wrestling junkies out there rather than most parents.


    1 Eathon Rider of Millenium
    2 Ryan Cruz of Buena
    3 Zane Almon of Mountain View - Marana
    4 Luis Pastoriza of Sierra Linda
    5 Victor Lopez of Sunnyside
    6 Joey Lopez of Paradise Valley


    1 Troy Ramirez of Sunrise Mountain
    2 James Brown of Sunnyside 10
    3 Brandon Paredes of Mountain View Marana 10
    4 Ethan Shoup of Cienega 10
    5 Rodrigo Saenz Payan of Williams Field
    6 Kellan Merz of Ironwood Ridge
    HM James Maheras of Casteel HS


    1 Daunte Cartwright of Camelback
    2 Jaime Rivera of Sunnyside
    3 Chris Lopez of Mountain View - Marana
    4 Roman Provenzano of B Goldwater
    5 Thaison Senick of Centennial
    6 Sergio Ochotorena of Desert View


    1 Jesse Ybarra of Sunnyside
    2 Logan Mitchell of Cienega
    3 Omar Arteage of Centennial
    4 William Ballesteros of Buena
    5 Antonio Lopez of Desert View


    1 Bobby Tellez of Cienega
    2 Aaron Rodriguez of Sunnyside
    3 Tyler Rokop of Ironwood Ridge
    4 George Galaz of Ironwood
    5 Oscar Montes of Verrado
    6 Ashton Kanao of Millennium


    1 Marcus Castillo of Mt View (Marana)
    2 Nathan Smith of Williams Field
    3 Tristan Danis of Willow Canyon
    4 Jared Lebaron of Ironwood
    5 Alec Delafield of Paradise Valley
    6 Anthony Garcia of Raymond S. Kellis


    1 Carlo Castagnaro of Cienega
    2 Harrison Easby of Mountain View Marana
    3 Josh Cruz of Raymond S Kellis
    4 Jacob Brown of Ironwood Ridge
    5 Alex Young of Horizon
    6 Alex Sandoval of Campo Verde


    1 Anthony Echemendia of Sunnyside
    2 Payton Billings of Ironwood Ridge
    3 Daivon Lee of Mountain View Marana
    4 Shamar Hawkins of Williams Field
    5 Josh Nicholls of Verrado
    6 Phoenix Pough of Willow Canyon


    1 Scott Kellenberger of Horizon
    2 Avery Parker of Ironwood Ridge
    3 Andrew Valle of Casteel
    4 Fernando Villaescusa of Sunnyside
    5 Gabe Levy of Cienega


    1 Ty Ryan of Raymond S Kellis
    2 Jose Beltran of Ironwood Ridge
    3 Dominique Johnson of Cienega
    3 Orlando Sotelo of Sunnyside
    4 Bryson Young Mountain View - Marana
    5 Noah Sweleim of Barry Goldwater


    1 Jayden Fletcher of Campo Verde
    2 Elijah Wyatt of Sunnyside
    3 Aiden Barner of Verrado
    4 Tanner Jenson of Willow Canyon
    5 Chance Sasser of Ironwood Ridge
    6 Jeremiah Voliva of Apollo


    1 Stone Aguirre of Ironwood
    2 Joshua Gale of Williams Field
    3 Eric Purvin of Mountain View Marana
    4 Diego Torres of Casteel
    5 Mason Hulme of Higley
    6 James Soto of Sunnyside


    1 Alex Cortez of Independence
    2 Rudy Acedo Mountain View - Marana
    3 James Thompson of Apollo
    4 Jake Newton of Sunrise Mountain
    5 Rafael Masella of Horizon
    6 Dylan Wampler of Centennial


    1 Trevor Kauer of Campo Verde
    2 Tarik Sutkovic of Ironwood
    3 Matthew McClure of Willow Canyon
    4 Adrian Monreal of Sunnyside
    5 Manaia Fruean of Buena
    6 Jaisel Tapia of Independence
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  2. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    New to Site. Honestly this is just my opinion... there are a couple guys on Millennium that could make the podium at state. I watched a couple matches today at Puma Duals. @113 @138 could make noise going forward.
  3. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    Also Danis from Willow Canyon at 138lbs. Just adding to the short list.
  4. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    need names please
  5. cougar

    cougar Well-Known Member

    Cienegas back up 126 beat Jon Munoz from Marana so probably put Logan mitchell in front of him at 126. Gabe Levy from Cienega will probably be 160 the whole season.
  6. cougar

    cougar Well-Known Member

    Also consider adding Jason Hill from Cienega at 138. And Nathan Smith from Williams Field looks like a big 138lber. Not sure if he's gonna go 132 this year.
  7. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    @113 Eathon Rider millennium (should be considered in the list)
    @138 Ashton Kaneao millennium (not in the top 5 but keep an eye out)

    1. Marcus Castillo - Mt View (Marana)
    2. Nathan Smith - Williams Field
    3. Aaron Rodriguez - Sunnyside
    4. Tristan Danis - Willow Canyon (if he stays at 138)
    5. Jared Lebaron - Ironwood
    6. Devon Shinhofen - Verrado

    Verrado and Millennium face this Wednesday so we will see where Ashton and Devon stand.
  8. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    1. Ybarra - Sunnyside
    2. Tellez - cienega
    3. Rokop - Ironwood Ridge
    4. Montes - Verrado
    5. Hosokawa - Mesquite
  9. jewlsjess

    jewlsjess Well-Known Member

    As far as 132, Mesquite is D3 not D2. Are there any transfers who had to sit out the first half that might make some noise.
  10. Beccaharo

    Beccaharo New Member

    Devon did lose to Ashton they went all 3 period the final score was 8-5, and Ashton did tell Devon that his Coaches have been watching and studying Devon's style so that Ashton would be ready for Devon last Wednesday night. Devon and Ashton are actually really good friends and wrestle very similar. It will be interesting to see who ends up at state for each section for D2 I do think that Devon and Ashton will both be there.
  11. Beccaharo

    Beccaharo New Member

    Also these rankings are for the entire D2 Not a break out of each of the 6 sections over all there is a lot of talent out there this season.
  12. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    The score was actually 10-6 and 4 of those points given to Devon were cuts/release. And Devon got a takedown in the 2nd period but got reversed towards the end of the period. But I do agree they will be seeing each other in States. But I feel the outcome will be the same. That’s just my opinion from watching the tape.
  13. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    And my list of 132/138lbers are all D2 not listed by sections. So now I think Ashton is in the top 5 now.
  14. Beccaharo

    Beccaharo New Member

    Oh I might have been wrong on the exact score, but yes I think they will both be at state and matches up once again. It will be interesting to see what the out come will be the next time they meet. I don’t want to say who I think will win when they meet on the mat next time because only time will tell but no matter who wins it will be a good match as both boys are very good Wrestlers and I wish them both the very best of luck for the rest of this season and at state.
  15. Beccaharo

    Beccaharo New Member

    What website are you looking at so see the rankings?
  16. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    I agree it will be good.
  17. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    And I don’t use a website I read what others post then bounce it off of Trackwrestling and match ups to come up with my own opinion. This is just what I think. Not going to throw my son out there but he wrestles at 145 so I keep an eye out at 138 just incase he decides to drop down to 138 2nd half of season.
  18. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    updated 12/30/18
  19. jewlsjess

    jewlsjess Well-Known Member

    FYI Robinson (126 pounds) from Barry Goldwater is not wrestling this year.

    Also at 145 you have Alex Smith from Horizon. I think you mean Alex Young.
  20. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    Corrected. Thank you.

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