2017 - 2018 DI preseason rankings

Discussion in 'Rankings' started by Coach P, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Da dude

    Da dude New Member

    Why is it so hard for anyone to confirm who is where?!! Aren't they all enrolled somewhere by now...
  2. TheAZKid

    TheAZKid New Member

    I would put Chandler at 2 if not 1. That lineup is going to be stacked when it all shakes out with high level incoming Freshman and transfers. Ramos is at Casteel
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  3. Coach P

    Coach P Member

    Chandler 1? Because of incoming freshman. No way....as it sits right now SS is definitely the favorite (but only if Mordecai and Rubio are eligible). If SS does not have them...it will be close, but SS with 3 champs and 2 runner ups returning is still top seed as of now in my book anyway.
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  4. bayoubadger

    bayoubadger Active Member

    Unless they have a whole bunch of transfers that we don't know about the math just does not add up.

    Chandler has 34 points from State Returning. I will even give you the benefit of the doubt and assume both Groves brothers win State Titles and tack on an extra 50. That gives them 84 points coming back. This doesn't even come close to SS who has 119 points coming back. This does not include Rubio and Mordecai who have questions as to their eligibility. Also, the fact that SS could qualify their whole team for state again coupled with some that woefully underperformed last year and I do not see how you could legitimately make an argument for Chandler being Number 1 at this point. Quite frankly I think Chandler is Number 3 behind Cibola at this point.
  5. whenndoubtchokemout

    whenndoubtchokemout "when in doubt, chokem out"

    Are the Castaneda boys at Cibola?
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  6. bayoubadger

    bayoubadger Active Member

    I don't think so. The bigger Castaneda is listed on Kofa's football roster on AZPreps365.
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  7. lakeshow

    lakeshow New Member

    people its not that hard upload_2017-8-25_23-25-53.png

    Gabriel Castaneda
    QB, FS
    5'7" 137
    David Castaneda
    RB, LB
    5'9" 185
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  8. East Valley

    East Valley Active Member

    In my mind the title is Sunnyside's to lose this year. (Even with all the people Chandler is recruiting) The biggest reason is chemistry. (I know you thought I was going to say the big men) My only concern with Corona last year was chemistry but they pulled it off. Sure SS gets transfers like everyone else but they have been building their core kids. Traveling & competing together. They are hungry!! SS has been in the fight with this group almost breaking through for 4 years. Transfers only help if you have a strong core group. (IR, Mtn View, Corona, Mtn View Marana) SS does.

    Until I see who is in their lineup I wouldn't put Chandler higher than #3. SS & Cibola are still my 1 & 2. I don't know who else they have but the Groves boys will come through! I know them well. My son wrestled them his whole life. I would not bet against them. I'm anxious to see how Chandler wrestles as a team. How close they become. I'm not saying they can't I just need to see a little more first.

    One possible challenge when you bring good kids into a new program is not always the kids but the prima donna parents. More problems seem to occur from the parents than the kids. Wait until their kid who isn't used to losing has trouble making the lineup? It's back to chemistry. SS has it & someone is going to have to take it away from them because they won't give it up. For the record I am NOT a SS fan. I do however respect their kids, coaches & program though.
  9. whenndoubtchokemout

    whenndoubtchokemout "when in doubt, chokem out"

    Well said East Valley, CHEMISTRY is key! (1st) Sunnyside is the favorite without a doubt. (2nd) CIBOLA's great coaching and TEAM CHEMISTRY will have be right behind Sunnyside throughout the season. Chandler is my (3rd) best team, Chandler has had a setback the last 3 years because of the lack of chemistry and leadership, both wrestlers and coaches. Chandler with no doubt will be at the top in the next few years with the change of culture in the room and the additions of some good coaches and high profile freshman's and seniors this year and next few years to come. DIVISION I will be a lot of fun to watch!
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  10. Da dude

    Da dude New Member

    Pick your top 3 finishers in each weight class as of now just for fun
  11. Da dude

    Da dude New Member

    Based on the list on the first page
  12. whenndoubtchokemout

    whenndoubtchokemout "when in doubt, chokem out"

    My opinion and nothing confirmed!

    Kelly most likely will go 120's
    Alex Rodriguez likely will go 120's
    Hornbuckle likely will go 120's

    Wood likely will wrestle 126

    Bigelow will likely wrestle 138 (a lot of weight put on in off season, wrestled 145 off season)
    Nickel will likely wrestle 138

    J. Garcia will likely wrestle 145 (kid is huge)
    Waite will likely wrestle 145 (strong kid, wrestled 152 off season)

    Cole will likely wrestle 145/152 (kid grew a lot over summer, kid to watch out for)

    Jacobs will likely wrestle 152/160's (bigger and having a good off season, wrestler to watch for)

    Gandara will likely wrestle 152/160's (this will be interesting with G. Groves most likely going 152's) Gandara can pick any weight class, I don't think anyone will beat him)

    M. Groves, Mordecai, and Casteneda at 170, WOW, toughest weight class hands down! Groves is my pick!
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  13. WolfPack

    WolfPack New Member

    Zach Espalin just moved from Virginia 106 pounds

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  14. WolfPack

    WolfPack New Member

    Larkin is at Chandler or will be at Chandler he has been taking online courses while he has been rehabbing from an injury. He will officially start at the start of the new quarter.

    Also Ramos is not at Chandler. I assume he still at Casteel.

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  15. WolfPack

    WolfPack New Member

    Here is the current line up for Chandler. It will probably change once practices actually starts.

    106 Zach Espalin 9
    106 Logan Thomas 10
    106 Nathan Bigelow 9
    113 Andy Nguyen 11
    120 Chris Kelly 10
    120/128 Jacob Covarrubias 11
    126 Kaden Larkin 9
    132 Trentin Cowell 10
    134/138 Rafael Garcia 12
    134/138 Thomas Bigelow 11
    138/145 Michael Darbe 9
    147/152 Will Kemper 11
    147/152 Bobby Groves 12
    154/160 Marco Groves 12
    160/170 Randy Robinson 11
    182 Diego Cotti 10
    184/195 Elijah Sobas 9
    197/220 Nathaniel Deasey 9
    285 Josh Weisman 11
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  16. bayoubadger

    bayoubadger Active Member

    So based on that lineup, the only matches that you could call a "lock" in a Dual against Sunnyside are the Groves brothers. They may pick up a few other wins, but ultimately Sunnyside would blow them out.
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  17. whenndoubtchokemout

    whenndoubtchokemout "when in doubt, chokem out"

    You are under estimating ESPALIN, KELLY, LARKIN, BIGELOW, GARCIA, ROBINSON, SOBAS and DEASEY. i am not saying thy can beat Sunnyside's line up but "blow them out" is going overboard.
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  18. 182pounder

    182pounder New Member

    How is Robert Dominguez from Cesar Chavez not ranked at 132? He defeated both Gary Rice and Lutz at state last year.
  19. bayoubadger

    bayoubadger Active Member

    With all due respect to the young men you mentioned, with the exception of maybe Deasey, they are wrestling some of the best kids in the state at those respective weight classes. One of them will have the distinction of wrestling the best kid in the country. Even if a couple of them do win they are going to score less than 20 teams points. I would be surprised if Sunnyside scored less than 40. Maybe that is not a blow out in your book, but it is in mine.
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  20. East Valley

    East Valley Active Member

    At this point it's hard to say where kids weights will be come February. Talent & potential are great but humility & chemistry will play a part on any championship team. Kids have to be willing to sacrifice for the team, move weight classes, play & accept their roll. (It's also hard fitting a lot of coaches together that are used to being in charge) It doesn't matter who wins the dual but the state tournament. Adjusting & coaching throughout the year are huge.

    All the teams have question marks at the moment. In D1 all the teams have one or two good kids. It's a grind. Does SS & Chandler have a dual scheduled? I can't remember are they in the same section anymore?

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